Press release | March 7, 2022

Acquisition of Pritec Vaculyft

Amplex acquires Pritec Vaculyft AB – a manufacturer of equipment for lifting and materials handling

Amplex AB has acquired all the shares in Pritec Vaculyft AB. The sellers are the company’s founders Roland Andersson and Peter Olsson. Pritec Vaculyft is based in Fjärås, about 10 kilometres south of Kungsbacka, Sweden.

Pritec Vaculyft offers industry smart standard products and bespoke solutions for lifting and materials handling that prioritise ergonomics and economy. The company has its own development and manufacture in Fjärås and sells direct and through a network of dealers to end customers throughout Europe and North America. Large customers are mainly in the building and construction sector as well as automotive manufacturers. Pritec Vaculyft was founded in 1990. Today the company has some 30 employees and annual sales of approximately SEK 75 million.

“Pritec supplies robust, high-quality products and solutions for ergonomic materials handling, a prioritised business area for us where we are keen to see continued expansion. Over the years, Pritec’s management and employees have also shown a strong customer focus and have developed a range of highly appreciated innovations for vacuum lifts and paving machines. Pritec will therefore be a very attractive complement to our existing operations within materials handling,” says Fredrik Celsing, President and CEO of Amplex AB.

“Joining the Amplex group strengthens opportunities for continued successful development for us at Pritec. Previously we have had a very rewarding collaboration with companies in the Amplex sphere and know that Pritec and Amplex share the same values such as simplicity, entrepreneurship and decision making close to the customer. Amplex will also contribute with financial stability and a broad international presence. It feels really good that Pritec now becomes part of the Amplex group,” says Roland Andersson, founder and Managing Director of Pritec Vaculyft AB.

 For further information about this transaction, please contact

Glenn Lindqvist, CEO, Sunnex Group
+46 706 48 41 42, glenn.lindqvist(at)

Fredrik Celsing, President and CEO, Amplex AB
+46 8 759 35 55, fredrik.celsing(at)

Håkan Lundgren, Head of Corporate Development & Communications, Amplex AB
+46 8 759 35 79, hakan.lundgren(at)

Roland Andersson, founder, Managing Director and previous owner Pritec Vaculyft AB.
+46 705 34 08 94, roland.andersson(at)

Download: PRM_Amplex_Pritec_2022-03-07.pdf


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